👍 Do not clean wooden cutting boards with detergent!

Feb 01 , 2021


👍 Do not clean wooden cutting boards with detergent!

The enemies of wooden chopping boards are moisture and mold. Particularly if food scraps remain on the cutting board, it is easy for mold to grow. How to get rid of small, invisible food scraps?

🥰Preparation: flour, sugar, vinegar
1. Mix the flour, sugar, and water 1:1:1.
2. Apply the prepared natural detergent to the Scrubber and rub the cutting board.
3. Rinse with lukewarm running water.
4. To get rid of the smell, apply vinegar and rinse under running water.

Note: Wooden cutting boards absorb detergent!!
Misconception: Bacteria thrive on trees.
Fact: Trees have antibacterial properties, so they are less likely to be contaminated with bacteria.

The most significant advantage of a wooden cutting board is that it does not strain your wrist and does not blunt the blade!


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