😱 Milk protein you shouldn't eat?

Jul 31 , 2020


😱 Milk protein you shouldn't eat?

😱 Milk protein you shouldn't eat?


Did you know that there are two types of protein in milk? The protein in milk that we commonly eat is A-1 casein. But sadly, A-2 casein is normal, and you shouldn't digest A-1 casein.

Let's look at two types of casein.


  A-2 casein: healthy casein

  1. Produced by Southern European cattle (Guernsey, Brown Swiss, Belgian Blue).
  2. Included in goats and sheep's milk in all regions.


  A-1 Casein: Don't eat!

  1. Most cattle (Holstein) produce. For farmers, cows are healthy, and milk production is high.
  2. When our body digests A-1 casein, A-1 turns into a lectin-like protein.
  3. This is the cause of diabetes.


🙌 Be sure to check out A-2 when buying milk!


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    😢 I left out all the milk from the diet.

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