🤔What if you hesitate to buy a mandoline?

Oct 30 , 2020


🤔What if you hesitate to buy a mandoline?

If you're very good at knives and you're at the level of cutting all the ingredients with just knives, you don't need a mandoline. But most of us don't.

The most important reason we should buy a mandoline is safety. It is easy to get hurt if you use a knife to quickly trim materials.

[🥰🥰🥰Precautions when using mandoline]
1. Mandoline shouldn't cut our hands. Buy a mandoline with complete safety devices.
2. When you use it, do you need to give strength to trim the material? The blade is dull. You must replace it with a new one immediately!

PS: It is called a mandoline because the hand movements handled resemble the mandolin's playing method.


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