🤔What to check when choosing a non-stick pan!

Oct 31 , 2020


🤔What to check when choosing a non-stick pan!

1. Choose a PFOA-FREE product

2. Teflon coating: A type of PTFF fluorine resin. Food does not stick well, but it is not durable and peels off easily. Not recommended.

3. 🥰Diamond coating: It is coated with an artificial diamond. It is very durable. Recommendation!

4. 🥰Titanium coating: Titanium is a material used for implants and is harmless to the human body. And it has high durability. Recommendation!

5. Ceramic coating: Does not emit environmental hormones and has good thermal conductivity. However, although the stability is very high, it has the disadvantage of sticking food and being fragile. Recommended if you use it carefully and well!


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