5 essential kitchen tools👍

Aug 18 , 2020


5 essential kitchen tools👍

5 essential kitchen tools👍


You might think you need a lot of professional tools to cook great things, but you can do anything with just the five below.😎


  1. Cooking chopsticks: the essential tool!🥰

You can buy chopsticks for Chinese food or fried food. You have to obtain a long one, a wooden one. If you use this well, you will not need tongs, turning spatula, whisk, or silicone spatula.


  1. Measuring spoon and cup

You must use it to give the dish a particular taste and get a sense of the meal.


  1. peeler

You must choose one with a broad blade.


  1. Scissors

With this, you don't need a knife and cutting board. You have to buy giant scissors and choose one that separates them.


  1. Ladle

Don't buy a ladle with an unusual shape. You can choose the size of the scoop according to your family members.


What cooking utensils do you use most often?🤔



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