What if you are eating bad fat?

Apr 25 , 2020


What if you are eating bad fat?

What if you are eating bad fat?


When you eat good fat, you lose weight and become healthy.
But if you eat bad fat, you get fat and ruin your health.


The beef and dairy products we commonly eat are made from commercially raised cows. And these are foods that we must avoid, for the following reasons.


  1. GMO grain feed full of lectins

This cow eats cheap and high-calorie GMO grain feed. Grains (especially GMOs) contain too much lectin to attack our bodies. And there are a lot of omega-6 fatty acids in grains, which are bad fats that cause inflammation. Therefore, the fat of cows that ate this grain is also high in omega-6 fatty acids.


  1. Vulnerable grain storage

Even on pasture, the grain is contaminated with fungi because it is stored in large quantities for a long time. And the toxin produced by the fungus is stored in the fat of cows and then accumulated in humans who eat beef and dairy products as they are.


  1. Poor breeding environment

The cow lives in a small space on the pasture. Therefore, because the immunity of cattle is the worst, antibiotics must be used to avoid the disease. It is a vicious circle.



Unfortunately, most beef and dairy products on the market are made from commercially bred cattle. But don't worry. In the next post, we'll introduce you to healthy fats that lose weight the more you eat.


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