Check the blade, cut your nails.😈

Oct 09 , 2020


Check the blade, cut your nails.😈

The fundamental way to check if my kitchen knife's blade is sharp is to chop the radish. When cutting radish, if you need to put your hand on the knife's back to give it strength, you will need to sharpen the blade. A sharp-edged knife should cut the radish-like butter. But what if there is no radish before you decide whether to chop the radish?🥺

Do you have nails?
Place the blade diagonally over your nails.
Does it slip? Then you have to sharpen the knife.
Doesn't it slip? If so, it's a kitchen knife with a sharp edge.👍

Did you know that it is safer to have a sharp edge?

If you are home, go to the kitchen as soon as possible.

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