Do you still cook without a timer? 😲

Aug 05 , 2020


Do you still cook without a timer? 😲


Do you still cook without a timer? 😲


Delicious food makes you happy. And to cook delicious food, you need proper cooking skills. 👍


To develop your cooking skills, you need to practice measuring accurately rather than relying on feelings. The most important thing to measure is time.


So the essential tool is a timer.


Smartphones also have a timer function, but we will tell you why it is useful to buy a timer.


  1. It is very convenient because you can press it directly during cooking.
  2. Many products come out pretty in shape, so they are suitable for decoration.
  3. The battery consumption is deficient and can be used for a long time.
  4. The price is meager!
  5. It's fun to press the button.


Be sure to buy a timer as the first step to cooking food the most!

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    Acegoody’s kitchen has three timers! 😋 What does your timer look like?

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