Egg Selection: Best Habit, Bad Habit

Sep 14 , 2020


Egg Selection: Best Habit, Bad Habit

The egg box has a packaging date and expiration date.


[Packing date]

January 1: 001

December 31: 365


Do you check the expiration date when choosing eggs? Gosh.

The expiration date is within 45 days from the date of packaging. It's not the day the hen laid eggs.

Check the packing date from now on.


After washing the eggs, the producers leave a few days to wrap them. Even for 30 days!

So, an egg that has expired is already 75 days old.


Eggs are sufficient for up to 60 days from the production date, as long as you keep them in the refrigerator. But 75days...terrible?


So you have to check the packing date!

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