How to cut like a chef with only your thumb and index finger

May 07 , 2020


How to cut like a chef with only your thumb and index finger

How to cut like a chef with only your thumb and index finger


If you watch a TV cooking program, you may have seen the chef grooming the ingredients brilliantly. You can't do the same as the chef right now, but you can imitate it in a short time. Here are two tips that will save you time when grooming food ingredients and protect your wrist. That is how to choose a knife and hold a sword.


  1. Hold the support with your thumb and index finger.

What criteria do you choose when choosing a knife? Surprisingly, when you select a blade, the place to focus on is the knife's support. The support is where the metal part of the knife meets the handle. It is thick and heavy and is the balance point between the blade and the handle. The center of gravity should be near this support, making it a well-balanced knife. When holding the support with only your thumb and index finger, the blade should not shoot to either side. That way, you won't have much effort when you cut the knife back and forth.

(Inexpensive knives often do not have support. We do not recommend it!)


  1. Hold the blade with your thumb and index finger

There are two ways to hold the knife: holding the handle and holding the blade.

If you grip the handle, you will hold the back of the center of gravity. Although comfortable, there are limits to moving the knife at will when working with precision. Mostly, novice chefs use this method.

😊 If you hold the blade, you will get the center of gravity. Just hold your knife while placing your thumb and index finger on the metal in front of the support. You can use the knife more freely, and it is well balanced. If you try this method, you'll notice that your knife skills improve dramatically.



Let's run to the kitchen right now, check the knife's support, and try to grab the blade. If you hold a good knife in the right way and trim the ingredients, you'll probably get excited and happy every time you cook.



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