How to get rid of tooth decay 😎

Jul 17 , 2020


How to get rid of tooth decay 😎


How to get rid of tooth decay 😎


Did you know that grains, especially oatmeal, are related to dental diseases? 😱


Researchers have provided children with cavities and deformities a diet rich in vitamin D and cod liver oil without oatmeal.

The researchers then found that new caries rarely occurs, and existing caries improves. 😊


However, the researchers only had children supplemented with vitamin D. They continued to eat oatmeal, which had no effect on them.

These experiments tell us that grains and beans have always been toxic.


If your headache hurts because of tooth decay, reduce grain, and increase healthy fat! ☹

I will leave a link to healthy fats. 😘


Healthy fat, coconut oil and MCT oil🤔-how-do-you-eat-healthy-fats?_pos=4&_sid=d8bf084a3&_ss=r


PS: Plants don't exist to feed humans. Many plants are toxic in order not to be eaten by humans.


How much grain do you eat per day now?





  • 17 Jul 2020 acegoody

    Our body makes vitamin D by itself when it encounters sunlight! 🤭

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