Kitchen Hack: Choosing a cutting board 😊

Jul 11 , 2020


Kitchen Hack: Choosing a cutting board 😊

Kitchen Hack: Choosing a cutting board 😊


It would help if you chose a cutting board that is as good as picking a good knife. The most recommended cutting board is wood. You can select a good chopping board very quickly. Just remember the three facts below.




  1. large enough

It should be at least 30×61cm2. The bigger, the better.


  1. Heavy enough

Even if you hit the cutting board with a heavy Chinese knife, the cutting board should not break.


  1. The wood material is the best.

The average person thinks the tree will be easily contaminated with germs. However, due to the antibacterial action of trees, it is difficult for bacteria to multiply. Let's remember wood is a very safe material. Of course, it is essential to wash the cutting board thoroughly and dry it well.

The tree is so soft that it accepts all the shocks whenever the knife strikes and, simultaneously, heal itself. Thus, the marks from the blade will disappear soon.





If it is difficult to buy a wooden cutting board, the plastic (polyethylene) material is not wrong. But glass cutting boards are the worst.


Tip: After using a wooden cutting board, use a soft cloth with mineral oil, and wipe it for a long time without staining.

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