Selection Hack: Instant pot 👍

Aug 13 , 2020


Selection Hack: Instant pot 👍


Selection Hack: Instant pot 👍


I have tried and failed to cook chicken using an instant pot. The instant pot was smaller than I expected so that the chicken couldn't go in, so I had to disassemble the chicken and put it in. Still, a few pieces had to be cooked separately.


What do you think is most important when choosing an Instant Pot?

For you to use Instant Pot most effectively, it is better to choose the one with the largest capacity.


If you had chosen the smallest Instant Pot just because you live alone, you would be surprised to find that it requires more space than you think when cooking.


It's nice to have a lot of features, but choosing an Instant Pot with a larger capacity is the most efficient!


PS: With my tears, I bought another Instant Pot as the biggest one. 😢

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