very cost-effectiveness: hand blender

Aug 29 , 2020


very cost-effectiveness: hand blender

very cost-effectiveness: hand blender


What if you've tried any of the following while cooking in the kitchen?


  1. emulsify a sauce or make mayonnaise
  2. Grind cheese sauce or puree soup, or whip cream
  3. Make cocktails or make pesto
  4. Mix eggs or make foam over hot chocolate
  5. Make cauliflower puree
  6. All actions to mix


I will tell you strongly and clearly.

You can do all of the above with just one hand blender.

Please don't buy fancy and expensive blender sets.


Only one hand blender! If you have, you can do everything.


My hand blender, which I bought for $40, is still doing a great job after 10 years.


What kitchen tools do you love the most?


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