Why the espresso you made is not delicious 1

May 07 , 2020


Why the espresso you made is not delicious 1

Why the espresso you made is not delicious 1


The first reason your espresso doesn't taste like 'Espresso machine unmanaged.' Espresso machines are universal, but they are all different machines and require maintenance. In particular, there should be no coffee oil on the internal parts and no lime in the tube. A clean tool makes delicious espresso. Let's see how to clean the machine.


  1. Group head cleaning: Daily

In the connection part of the shower and porter filter of the group, the coffee powder is finally extracted. Extract without a porter filter and wipe the shower and connecting elements with a dedicated brush. Be careful as it is hot.


  1. Filter and filter basket cleaning: daily

Simple. Wipe it with a scrubber soaked in detergent.


  1. Steampipe and nozzle cleaning: weekly

Residual milk remains on the surface of the steam nozzle and in the pipe. Disassemble the steam pipe, soak it in the filter basket and porter filter cleaner, and scrub the steam nozzle with a long brush. There is a method even if the pipe cannot be disassembled. Dilute the detergent in the feature, soak the tube, and open and close the steam valve seven times continuously. The steam nozzle will suck the cleaner as soon as it warms up and stops. Rinse in the same way without a cleaner.


It looks complicated, but if you try it once, you'll quickly get to it. Imagine you start your day happy with delicious coffee every day. Let's go clean up right now.


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