You can choose espresso like a barista!

Apr 24 , 2020


You can choose espresso like a barista!

You can choose espresso like a barista!

Barista extracts espresso using high temperature and high pressure. When you think of espresso, do you only remember dark coffee? Then you must read this article. 😊


The barista determines the balance of espresso, depending on the degree of extraction. If you drink espresso and something is strange, it's for two reasons.

  1. If you feel the coffee tastes dull and sour, then the barista has done too little extraction.
  2. If you think the coffee is bitter and bitter, the barista has extracted too much.


Espresso names depend on the concentration. Look at the check below.


Coffee concentration 5 ~ 8%: LUNGO, ALLONGE

Coffee concentration 8 ~ 12%: Espresso

Coffee concentration 12-18%: RISTRETTO



Put espresso in a glass of hot water. Crema is still alive.


What is Americano?

Espresso was added with hot water to increase the amount. It is thinner than LONG BLAKC, and crema disappears.  The American soldiers stationed in Italy during World War II made this coffee. For this reason, people began to call it Americano.


Now you can choose and enjoy espresso with confidence!


TDS (Total Dissolved solids): The concentration of substances in the final beverage. That is, the total amount of solid dissolved in coffee.




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